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To get down to the roots of Skyline Builders Supply you have to go back 3 generations. In 1950, Ed Butterfield, then 15 years old, asked for a job at Cook & Alsop Coal and Lumber in Midvale, Utah. He was denied employment. Not willing to take no for an answer, Ed proposed that he work for a week with no pay to prove his worth. Still, the answer was no. The owner of Cook & Alsop caught word of this determined teen and immediately went to his house and offered him a job. There starts the seed that eventually grew into a lumber yard in the heart of Sanpete County.


Front view of Butterfield Lumber

Ed would eventually become part owner in Cook Lumber. While at Cook Lumber, Ed’s son Steven began his career in the lumber industry as well. In 1981, opportunity presented itself as Ed would leave Cook Lumber and start a lumber yard with his brother Jerry. Bringing with him his son Steve and other family members, they opened up Butterfield Lumber in Midvale, Utah.

Butterfield Lumber had a great 19 year run before Ed retired and eventually sold Butterfield Lumber in 2000. Steven would continue to work at Butterfield Lumber for a few months before deciding he too wanted a change.


In 2001, Steve and his wife Vickie decided to move to Ephraim where Vickie’s parents and siblings lived. Having signed a non-compete clause when Steve left Butterfield Lumber, the plan was to sell roof trusses for 5 years and then move back up to Salt Lake County and open a new lumber yard. It didn’t take long however, and Steve was receiving requests for lumber and other building products. Local builders had a need for a full service lumber yard in Sanpete County and it was them that ultimately gave Steve the idea to open a lumber yard in Ephraim. Steve sought out a partner and asked his brother-in-law Rex Nielsen to join him in the building of Skyline Builders Supply.

Steve got in contact with his old lumber connections in Ogden and Salt Lake City and started renting some space for a lumber yard just outside of Bailey Farms’ hay storage facility. As the business quickly grew, Steve knew they would need to build a store to accommodate the demand for other building materials. After purchasing land on the west side of Ephraim, Steve and Rex built and opened Skyline Builders Supply’s contractor store and lumber yard which opened in 2003.

After tirelessly serving their customers throughout the state for many years, Steve and Rex retired and turned over the reins of the business to their sons. With their son’s years of experience along with their amazing staff, Skyline continues to serve contractors and homeowners throughout the state with quality materials and quality service.

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About Us

With over 100 years of combined experience, the employees at Skyline Builders Supply can equip you with the right materials for your next project. Whether you are building a small garage or a large custom home, Skyline can help you get the job done right. With quick delivery and quality service, Skyline is here to help make your project go as smoothly as possible.

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Committed to Quality & Reliability!

We are big on teamwork and ensure that none of your needs are overlooked during the construction process. Thanks to our experience and industry knowledge, we can come up with solutions that can fit any budget!

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We are a full service lumber yard that provides lumber, trusses, decking and railing, siding, finish materials, rebar, hardware, tools, and much more.

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We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.

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